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This is the home page of Dbj, Database Access Tool for Jdbc.
From here you can access the Dbj quick help page or download the tool last release (2019.06.29).

You can also review the release notes to see what were the last additions to the tool.

If you do not know which RDBMS you should use for your projects, there are two very good Open-source products that you can download from the web :

To use with Dbj, I collected some JDBC drivers that work nicely. For some of them these are not links to vendors drivers, to ensure you will be able to get them even if vendors stopped publishing them.
However on official vendors' sites, you may find the latest releases.

For Microsoft SQL Server, download and unzip these java archives : mssqljdbc.zip. Then add the msbase, mssqlserver and msutil jar files to your classpath.

For MySql, the standard "MySQL Connector/J " Jdbc driver works fine. You can get it here

For Oracle, you should be able to find good free drivers on the Oracle site. However these ones work too : classes12.zip

You can get the Dbj icon Dbj Icon by getting it from here.