Java-based tools developped for personnal usage - that may be of interest for others !

All this is free to download but please understand material is provided 'as is', without any warranty either implied or expressed.

"Charsep" is a tool that allows easy and powerful edition of Csv files. It deals well with different character sets and can also be used to randomly generate dummy data

"DBJ" is a Database access tool based on JDBC - with many result processing features.

"ToDoJ" is a tool that allows me to keep an eye of what are my daily tasks, includes a scrapbook, and displays multiple clocks.

"UnicodeMap" - a small tool to quickly find a character encoding in various codepages, get the unicode value of a character, convert files encodings, etc... Very similar to the Char Map accessory provided with Windows, but with the additional features to search that were missing in Char Map early releases.

A simple XML Validator and Parser for Xml files (embedding their xsd definitions or with external reference). The Parser provides immediate fast statistics on the XML nodes and depth, and provides Regex-based search. Quite useful to quickly traverse huge files.

A small Chronograph to capture time and durations both in a message box and in a log file (UTC Time or system time). When doing performance tests that need external time measure.

Now for fun :

a Boggle game that I created one day to play with friends on a screen projector - the dictionary is french, sorry for this... Just unzip every file in a single folder, and run the EXE on Windows, or execute the jar file...

a Maze generator - Kind of a hobby for me to think of drawing mazes, either through algorithms or paper based. Much more creative than 'resolving' them in fact !

If you have any comment or question, you can try to contact me on jacques dot detroyat, at gmail dot com...

HTML5-based tools : for mobile-based primary usage, but work fine on desktop too...
Dates difference Calculator tool
Archery Visor and distance Calculator tool
Archery Score tracking tool
Maze generator with mobile accelerator controller